The Company

Who are we ?

Altervista is a management consulting firm specializing in international market research, competitive intelligence, and tailor-made workshops for management decision support in business development activities.

The company is led by its founder, Franck Mathot, a specialist in Competitive Intelligence and Market Research.


Since 2002, Altervista offers high quality consulting services customized to company’s requirements.

Technologically-oriented markets require a sound understanding of industry dynamics, applied innovative technologies, organizational behaviour, and decision-making processes. The use of primary intelligence collection has allowed us to develop an extensive domain of expertise and strong professional networks which help us provide value-added, cutting-edge market insights to our customers.

Altervista offers (multinational) clients a wide range of services allowing them to collect, analyze and process primary information from their competitive environment: ad hoc studies (benchmarking, competitive landscape mapping…), effective decision-making and competitive Intelligence workshops as well as an annual International Conference in Competitive Intelligence.

We offer our customers (SMEs) operational support in their business development in France and abroad: qualitative market research, business opportunities, distribution networks, outsourcing, strategic partnering…


Our clients are international companies and SMEs from many different sectors and industries (automotive, pharmacy, chemistry, textile, tourism, cosmetics, medical equipment, agri-business…)

We comply with the ethical standards established by the profession and we maintain the utmost confidentiality.