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Market Research & Consultancies

Meet your information needs.
We offer high-quality consulting services in response to your information requirements; collecting value added information from primary and secondary sources to analysis and interpretation of findings to accompany your action-driven business decisions. Our goal is to assist you in developing and maintaining sustainable competitive advantages.

Operational Business Support

Meet your needs to identify your right interlocutors.
Benefit from customized operational assistance to develop your business and achieve your goals while strengthening your competitiveness.

In House tailor-made workshops

Understand your environment to improve and accompany your decision-making process
Improve the efficiency of the management decision making process of your company by organizing modular/multi thematic workshops applying proven quantitative management concepts (foresight).
Explore the up-to-date knowledge and processes leading organizations are using to boost creativity, insight, and competitiveness.

Competitive Intelligence Training

Meet your needs for personal development.
Enhance your understanding of specific Competitive Intelligence tools and theories by participating in the Institute for Competitive Intelligence « ICI » comprehensive Competitive Intelligence training program to become a certified CI-Professional.

Why AlterVista?

The name AlterVista, or "Another view" stems from the need to recognize the wealth in duality and the complementarity of all things. AlterVista helps you think differently or otherwise, what appears as a certainty is often the result of a subjective perception and a brake to comprehend the world that surrounds us…

Our Capabilities

AlterVista Brings its Rich Network of Local Market Partners

AlterVista project teams are comprised of international research analysts and strategy consultants with a deep knowledge of the local market, culture, and business practices in their region of expertise. Our partners live and work in-country and can leverage local contacts to obtain information easily.

We rely on a network of qualified local partners

Our partners live, work and collect information on their local market.
Our know-how lies in transforming this information into strategies tailored to your business objectives.

We Provide :

Market Research and Analysis
International Strategy Development
Tactical and operational support in foreign markets

Resulting In:

Rapid and effective market penetration
New and diversified revenue sources
Elimination of costly missteps
Reduced time to market

Our Consultants

The Team
Anne-Frauke Schulz

Anne-Frauke Schulz

Anne-Frauke is a Business Consultant located in Germany specializing in business development, brand and channel marketing, B2B, and strategic consulting. She has 20 years of multi-cultural experience. She has worked for global companies like Gillette, Cadbury`s, Hershey`s, Root Learning, Dentsply in the US and Europe, serving industries such as consumer goods, consumer healthcare, biotechnology, medical devices, and consulting. Her expertise is in strategic communication in a multi-cultural environment, business planning, hands-on marketing, acting globally – cascading locally.
Anne-Frauke has written on the launch of a bone regeneration product in the US and Europe, developing a business model applicable to diverse markets. She was a frequent guest speaker at the University of Stuttgart (Germany), and is currently involved in the Business and Marketing Association US, and UC Berkeley (USA).
Anne-Frauke has an MSc in Agricultural Sciences, as well as an MBA from Ashridge Management College, London (UK).

Christopher Kealy

Christopher Kealy

Christopher is a research analyst based in France. He provides our main interface across with English-speaking territories across retail, industrial and service markets. He has developed a unique fluency in cross-border business management and is experienced in marketing to both retail and intermediary channels. His experience in consumer sales and marketing involves financial services, consumer goods, IT and technical services. With AlterVista, he is heavily involved in market potential studies across Europe and North America involving primary research. He is also involved in sales prospection.
Christopher has a graduate degree in Economics, with a postgraduate certificate in Management from Cranfield School of Management (UK). He has worked and lived in the UK, Germany and France, working for Legal and General Insurance, Grenada Group (UK), and P&G Health & Beauty Care (Germany). He has managed new packaging projects and has conducted change management. Besides English, Christopher speaks fluent German and French. He trains various companies across Europe in sales prospection planning and negotiation between sellers and buyers. He is a visiting lecturer in organisational management at Ecole Supérieure de Commerce, Clermont (France). He has also lectured in negotiation and purchasing at university level.

Franck Mathot

Franck Mathot

Franck is a Business Analyst located in France, specializing in international marketing and business development. With 15 years of experience in the region, he provides expertise in strategic and tactical programs throughout France and Southern Europe. Franck has extensive experience in consumer and B2B marketing for companies in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and consumer products sectors. He has held senior level sales and marketing positions for Alpha Professional Tools and Dynavet, where he was responsible for brand management and for establishing international distribution throughout Western Europe, Brazil and the US. As a consultant, Franck has worked with clients to merge European business operations and to establish distribution channels and new businesses throughout Europe.
Franck has worked and lived in France, Italy, the US and Canada. He received an undergraduate degree in Marketing from Scuola Scienze Aziendali, Florence (Italy), a graduate degree in Finance from Ecole Supérieure de Commerce, Aix en Provence (France), and an MBA in International Management from Thunderbird — The School of Global Management (USA). He speaks fluent French, English, Italian and Spanish and has a working knowledge of German and Japanese.

Brian Joseph D'Mello

Brian Joseph D'Mello

Located in Mumbai (India), Brian is AlterVista's main Asian interface. He specializes in general market research. His experience in international business development has enabled him to develop an understanding of cross-cultural business practices spanning Asia and Europe. His successful career in middle management has mainly been in Telecommunications and Aviation with companies such as Air India Ltd., France Telecom and other IT providers. At France Telecom, Brian carried out market research into the Telecommunications sectors in Latin America & Eastern Europe. At Air India Ltd, he was involved in the commissioning of new simulators. Over the course of his career, Brian has interfaced with companies such as Boeing, Airbus, and Rockwell Collins. He has also assisted international contacts in developing new business opportunities in India. Brian has worked and lived in India and France, and is able to draw upon extensive project experience.A graduate in Engineering, John has an MBA from Ecole Supérieure de Commerce, Clermont (France). He speaks English, French and Hindu fluently, and has a working knowledge of Spanish.

Our Commitments

A Partnership Based on Trust

We build our business by establishing long lasting partnerships with clients.

Dedicated to Deliver on Commitments

We provide a full range of business development services from international strategy development to tactical and operational support to penetrate, communicate and sustain growth in foreign markets.

To conduct ourselves responsibly, in such as way as to preserve and enhance the reputation and image of our profession.
To only accept projects which bear direct relevance to our field of operation and to our expertise.
To chiefly carry out consultancy business or a similar intellectual service.

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What our clients say about us:
"Within the context of our development on the French market, Altervista proved themselves to be indispensable in terms of their ad hoc research of business partners.Their method of proceding in several steps, each one validated by us (current market, identification, selection, and introductory contact with the selected partner) guaranteed their mastery of our objectives thanks to their continual focus upon the target market as well as their consideration of the human factor"




“Their research team has been able to contact key players in our market quickly (chemical manufacturing), and to answer to our most important questions. Their findings were well documented and have provided us with a valuable base upon which to adapt our strategy with inclusion of high value-added competitive insights. They have enabled us to have an external view of our business, representing excellent added value."

Solutia Europe

Solutia Europe

Marketing Manager


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