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AlterVista offers cross-industry experience combined with deep expertise in sales and marketing strategy and International Business Development.  Learn more about some of the key industries we serve, or explore our services and solutions by practice area.

AlterVista has served clients in more than 20 industries. Key industry sectors include :

  • Consumer Products
  • Chemicals
  • Automotive Industry
  • High-Tech
  • Industrial Products
  • Medical Products & Services
  •    Pharmaceuticals
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation & Logistics


Dental Devices

Objective: French manufacturer of generic dental scaler tips seeking new sales opportunities across foreign markets.
Method: Study of market potential for dental scalers in Australia.

Identification, qualification and selection of suitable importer/distributor (sponsor).

Outcomes: Appointed exclusive importer/distributor for Australian and New Zealand markets.

UK manufacturer of metal playground structures

Objective: Establishment of a distribution network for playground structures in the greater Paris region.
Method: Set up and accompanied the distribution of playground products across the target region. Accompanied and monitored relations between British manufacturer and their distributor in France.
Outcome: Facilitated first contact and meeting with distributor ultimately selected.

Non-Profit Sector

Objective: Expansion of entrepreneur network « Réseau Entreprendre’ to the Auvergne region
Method: Feasability study and management of steering commmittee (regional associations, public  institutions, members of the regional business community)
Outcome: Creation of Auvergne Entreprendre (50 Managing Directors and partner panel)

Italian manufacturer of microfibre fabrics

Objective: Improve company sales results in the French market.
Method: Advised and accompanied client on commercial development of microfibres on the French market.Field visits to existing clients, to trade fairs and assistance with sales prospection.
Outcome: Increase in client’s market penetration rate, increased local responsiveness, and improved targeting (defining priority sectors)

French wholesaler in air-conditioning accessories

Objective: Search for international suppliers in order to obtain new competitive advantages in terms of product supply and preferential prices.
Method: Advised and accompanied client to ExpoConfort trade fair (Milan), Batimat (Paris) and on visit to Italian suppliers. Identified and established commercial relationship with new international suppliers.
Outcome: Set up and developed distribution partnership programme with a new italian accessories supplier.

Canadian ERP solution specialised in fenestration software for Window+Door manufacturers and retailers

Objective: Research partner on the French market capable of adapting and selling ERP VICTOR solutions
Method: Advised on and accompanied the establishment of VICTOR ERP software on the French market.

Conducted partner search and prepared sales procedures for approaching the market.

Outcome: Facilitated initial contact and meeting with partner ultimtely selected.


Fabriquant de structures « playground » en métal

Objectifs: Mise en place d’un réseau de distribution des structures « playground » sur la région île de France.
Démarche: Accompagnement et mise en place de la distribution des produits « jeux collectifs » sur la région cible.

Accompagnement des relations entre le fabriquant britannique et son distributeur en France.

Résultats: Mise en contact et 1er RDV avec l’entreprise partenaire retenue.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Objective: Study of the strategies of distribution of biopharmaceuticals in Italy
Method: Extensive research to identify the key players of the Italian pharmaceutical industry and the experts/KOL of the sector to conduct interviews.
Outcome: Expert key finding report to provide the keys to understanding the distribution of biopharmaceuticals in Italy.