AlterVista conducts all business in accordance with the Charta of Good Business Practice & Ethics of the French Chamber of Business Consultants (CPC):

To conduct ourselves responsibly, in such as way as to preserve and enhance the reputation and image of our profession.
To only accept projects which bear direct relevance to our field of operation and to our expertise.
To chiefly carry out consultancy business or a similar intellectual service.

Master the basic expertise of our field of operation and / or expertise.
Maintain and update our specialist knowledge and develop it in accordance with the projects we undertake.

Apply strictly and completely the rule of trade secrecy within the context of our projects, ie. not to use or to divulge any information and / or results concerning any of the projects taken on by ourselves without the express permission of the client concerned.

Respecting our Client

 Execute projects with the level of due diligence that the client has the right to expect from us.
Refuse to work on projects capable of creating conflict situations.

Render to the client all documents containing information enabling him / her to make decisions.

Respect the choices as well as the will of the client.


To be paid exclusively by our client or by the ‘client system’, including all of the client’s partners involved in the project concerned.

To act independently of all personal or commercial interest which could adversely influence our work, or should this not be possible, to duly inform the client.

To reserve for ourselves the opportunity to terminate any project in the event of serious disagreement with our client. 

To refuse any advantage or arrangement which could distort the objectivity and impartiality of our  consultancy, as well as the quality of services rendered.
If we exercise several business activities, to declare these different activities and to institute rules and procedures permitting us to foresee, to detect and to manage any conflict of interest.

A member may simultaneously have direct and substantial financial interests in companies in direct competition with each other. This is permitted on the condition that such member has informed those companies concerned prior to engaging in any work.


To be in full agreement with the client concerning project objectives and duration, methodologies / means to be employed, conditions of working, all financial clauses including insurance guarantee limits, as well as those clauses regulating the interruption of the project by either of the parties.

Observance of the law

To know and to observe all laws and rules in force pertaining to our profession, as well as to those of the client

Relationship with the French Chamber of Consultants 
To observe, and to make others aware of the principles of this charter of ethics and of good practice.
To not act on behalf of the Chamber for any personal or commercial ends.
To demonstrate solidarity with our colleagues, to cooperate with them, and to give them all necessary aid and assistance enabling them to enter our profession.

Inspections and Sanctions
To accept the Chamber as the sole verifying body of the professional qualifications of its members.
To accept that all inspections are carried out only in accordance with the statutes and rules of the association.
To accept that sanctions can result in our exclusion from the Chamber under application of its statutes and of its internal procedures.