Effective Decision Making workshops

We offer workshops to improve the efficiency of decision-making management. We rely on the concepts tested by qualitative/prospective management.

These workshops use collective analysis to anticipate potential changes in the market and the movement of the different actors of the external environment of your business, including your competitors, by simulating scenarios, organizing a role-playing game that allows adaptation of the strategy of the company in a scalable environment.

 Business Simulation / War Gaming

  • Scenario planning (new markets / products / technologies / competitors)
  • Early Warning Systems
  • Business Development Strategies
  • Critical thinking


  • Identification of trends and changes; non-periodical events
  • Longterm trend analysis and major issues assessment
  • Disruptive Technology Analysis

Decision support

  • Risk/Decision Analysis, Threats/Opportunities Assessments
  • Early Warning Indicators
  • Optimization of alternatives
  • Determination of the value of additional information / control
  • Data Consolidation

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