Market Research & Consultancies

Meet your information needs.

We offer high-quality consulting services in response to your information requirements; collecting value added information from primary and secondary sources to analysis and interpretation of findings to accompany your action-driven business decisions. Our goal is to assist you in developing and maintaining sustainable competitive advantages.

Operational Business Support

Meet your needs to identify your right interlocutors.

Benefit from customized operational assistance to develop your business and achieve your goals while strengthening your competitiveness.

In House tailor-made workshops

Understand your environment to improve and accompany your decision-making process

Improve the efficiency of the management decision making process of your company by organizing modular/multi thematic workshops applying proven quantitative management concepts (foresight).
Explore the up-to-date knowledge and processes leading organizations are using to boost creativity, insight, and competitiveness.

Competitive Intelligence Training

Meet your needs for personal development.

Enhance your understanding of specific Competitive Intelligence tools and theories by participating in the Institute for Competitive Intelligence « ICI » comprehensive Competitive Intelligence training program to become a certified CI-Professional.

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